About Starfish

 Starfish Logo 2Starfish® is a member of the Pacific Seafood® Group family www.pacseafood.com which has been in business since 1946, founded by Frank Dulcich Sr and his son Dominic. Today PSG is still owned by the Dulcich family with Frank Dulcich, Frank Sr. grandson and Dominics son at the helm.

Starfish® has been in business since the 90’s and has offered the market high quality and unique 3D 12 oz Barbeque JGS copyvalue added seafood products ever since. While the majority of our products are packaged for retail sales we also offer products for the food service industry as well. www.star-fish.com

Starfish products consist of three major category of products. “Just Grilled”® which includes Fire Grilled Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia. “Classic Recipe”™ Battered fish portions a founders level battered Halibut, Cod and Haddock. And our newest line of products, Gluten Free Battered seafood. We introduced this late 08 to unbelievable postive response in the market place.

3D 12 oz Scampi JGS copyThe “Just Grilled” line is  fully cooked and ready to eat products offer something never before offered to the market place. High quality seafood that is not baked, or boiled but fire grilled on machines designed just for our products. You can taste the difference. We marinade our shrimp i3D 12 oz HoneyJalapeno JGS copyn Scampi, Honey Jalapeno or BBQ flavors and than flame grill them to perfection. You can eat cold (thawed) out of the package or saute and heat in minutes. Add to pasta, rice and stir fries for an awesome experience.

Starfish Battered fish products are all natural and means we don’t add chemicals to enhance weight or preservatives that give you that glow in the dark experience. If you like that experience we would be glad to make some suggestions, but if you like just out of the water flavor than hang with us.Cod3DBoxPresentation

We hope you enjoy this blog and come back often to give us your input or see what new is happening at Starfish. For those who have been our loyal customers we thank you and for those looking for a great experience with frozen seafood look for our products in your stores…and if they don’t have them demand them. Thank you.

You can e-mail us at info@star-fish.com


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